How to submit music to Oh, Hello Boston

Oh, hello, New England musicians! We’re an independent online radio station exclusively streaming music by artists in Boston and around New England 24/7. We play all types of homegrown music. We’re longtime members of the collective music scene in New England, and we cherish it. It runs on music like yours. Here’s how you can submit music to Oh, Hello Boston for airplay consideration.

What we’re looking for in a music submission

You can send us:

  • Bandcamp track/album codes (formerly called “download codes”)
  • Mastered digital WAV files

Please provide officially released music that is available to purchase. If you have music ready to share that hasn’t been released yet, we would love to debut it in one of our specialty shows like New Music Alert and New England Roots Reggae. When you submit music, let us know the release date. We’ll follow-up to discuss your release plans and the possibility of scheduling an interview.

We love Bandcamp! Our favorite way to receive your music is with a track/album code. If your music is on Bandcamp but you haven’t set up your track/album codes, check out their tutorial. All Bandcamp accounts start with 200 codes. In addition, you can send us mastered songs in WAV format. It’s important to give us the same high quality files that you provide to other streaming platforms. We do not accept MP3s. Please do not convert an MP3 back to WAV — we need the mastered WAV files before converting to other file formats. We do some editing magic on all songs before we add them to the station (normalization, etc) and then we convert your song to an MP4 file for uploading to the station’s library.

Oh, Hello Boston is licensed for streaming and royalty payment reporting in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. for both performers and copyright holders from ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, AllTrack, SOCAN, Re:Sound, PPL, and PRS. If you are not registered with one of these Performance Rights Organizations (PRO), no problem! Please check the box in your submission to confirm that we can play your music without royalty payments. Do you want to learn more about PRO? Read this article by Digital Music News.

Ready to submit your music?

We are updating our submission form. In the meantime, please send us an email with info about your new music including links to where we can download WAV files or share Bandcamp track/album codes.