Who is Oh, Hello Boston?!

Oh, Hello Boston is an independent, commercial-free Internet radio station founded by Sooz in March 2020. She was joined by Michelle Dipoaola Kowalski who led the expansion of our curated library of music by bands in Boston and around New England from the 1980s into today. We love music and this is truly a labor of love project with a small group of friends. The name was inspired by a phrase that Sooz likes to say: Oh, hello!

It started with the music we know best — rock. We welcome contributors to make Oh, Hello Boston representative of what you’ll hear throughout New England including rock, hip hop, reggae, R&B, singer-songwriter and soul.

Our schedule has info on shows we’ve put together. When there’s nothing scheduled, you’ll hear AutoDJ Robot (they might need a name!) wandering throughout our highly curated and goddamn delightful library. We only play songs we want to listen to!

What do you think of Oh, Hello Boston? We’d love to hear from you! On Twitter, Facebook and Instagram we’re @OhHelloBoston. If you’re an artist in New England with new music, please say hello and submit your music for airplay consideration.